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You’re wrong lol.

It was the name of a valley in the Aztec empire and New Mexico had the name long before Mexico did.

the name "Mexico" itself derives from Nahuatl, and in that language it originally referred to the heartland of the Empire of the Mexicas (Aztec Empire) in the Valley of Mexico

While there were a number of pre-Colombian civilizations that built cities there, the city in the valley that everyone (well… everyone who is educated) has heard of was called Tenochititlan.

A simple google search could have stopped you from making a fool of yourself lol 😂😂😂


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>Aymond called Clark’s behavior “deplorable” and said his “desecration of the altar in the church was demonic, and I am infuriated by his actions.” Aymond had the altar removed and set it on fire. (That same month, another priest in the same archdiocese was credibly accused of molestation, and while he was eventually removed from public ministry, Aymond notably did not call him demonic.)

So… an ex-priest having consensual sex with women is “demonic” but a sexual assault is something they quietly sweep under the rug?

Christianity is a stain on the world.