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My dog gets rabies, bivalent flu, and bordetella all in the same visit. The other vaccines like Lyme are given in another time of the year.

Those were their prices in 2021. They probably have increased, but I didn’t see much of a difference last year. Our next vet visit is just next month. But I can post here the updated costs.

Annual wellness visit - $68 Bordetella - $25 Lyme - $48 Heartworm test - $56 Bivalent flu - $60


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I got this tv for free from a neighboor. It is a Vizio model E70-E7. So I guess it is 70 in? Very big compared to my current tv (50 in).

I thought since I didn’t pay anything for this tv then I think it would be forth it to spend $200-300 to fix it. What do you think? Specially because all the 70-in TVs I could find were more than $400.

The issue is there are dark shadows on the screen, I believe it is top and bottom. So maybe the backlight needs to be replaced.

The website Angi quote at around $300 to fix it.


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I take my dog to Triadelphia Vet Clinic in Gleneg. I used to pay $300-400 for the wellness visits plus vaccines. After changing to Triadelphia, I paid max $150. The dental cleaning from them is around $600-700 for easy cases. I really like the staff and I have no difficulties making appointments.