No_Fun_2020 t1_ja1af5f wrote

All hail the Omnisiah and their coming!

May they be harolded by horns of the finest gold trimmed with the finest silver.

May it's code perfect itself.

Blessed is he who guides this blessed machine,

trusted is he who carries the sacred wafer,

it's holy writ brings salvation and destruction,

the word of the Omnissiah that brings all dooms.

Immortal Omnissiah, hear our prayers

We are your children, pious scholars of the Path of the Machine

We prize knowledge above all else, for it is your eternal gift upon mankind

We aspire to the blessed form of the machine, and ascension through technology, that we might emulate your glory


No_Fun_2020 t1_ixhgd34 wrote

Well I'm not constantly in fear, I'm just aware of the danger and don't want cancer and living downtown I think doesn't help with avoiding toxins.

Unfortunately, moving is easier said than done. We live in one of the most expensive cities in the United States, however we are rent controlled. We pay about 50% less than the average person in the same city, If we move out of the city into the county, there is no rent control and things are pretty expensive.

My wife and I, both are jobs specialize in state based law, We are working to broaden our scope however this takes time.