No_Yogurtcloset2630 t1_j5x2f4r wrote

Undying Ted the perpetually undead

described as a swell skeleton to be around

makes a lot of bone jokes and puns

clerics hate him and his clickity clackity tricks

Sometimes a bit of a bone head

He's planning to propose to his ghoul friend one day (waiting for the right moment, +/- 100 years have passed already)


No_Yogurtcloset2630 t1_j1r80b9 wrote

[poem] (mostly haikus)

The end of the world
no salvation to be found
just another day

going to work now
an alien slithers by
it just ate my car

going to be late
I pick up the phone to call
AI replaced boss

Turn on the TV
a riot somewhere downtown
it's zombies again

decide to go sleep
before I get a chance to
asteroid in bed

Looking at the roof
a big hole through my ceiling
nukes flying above

I lay on the couch
this is the end for us all
just another day.