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Dude I was on one of those episodes and Kevin Smith is being kinda humble about it. We would wrap on a shooting day in half what it could have been on a worse run set(which is VERY common for a CW show) and a decent part of that is that Kevin Smith trusts the crew to do their job even in cases where he can't directly be present.

In fact, I was there for one if the "without him" scenes and its basically the only times I've ever seen a director willing to let the crew do things so autonomously, and the camera and stunt teams had a blast getting the scene done at the time.

It doesn't sound like a lot but this is definitley a skill that he's developed and an extension of his fairly unique philosophy to filmmaking.


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I work in film and I've seen productions that will shoot multiple episodes concurrently. Meaning that they'll be shooting episodes 3 and 4 and then the crew on episode 3 will move on to 5 and then 4 goes to 6 and so on. Not to mention that if you have a stunt heavy seqjence or an extended sequence with a whole seoerate group of actors you may want to bring in an additional unit with even more people. It can be very easy for a film crew to balloon in size and need a bunch of directors concurrently if the producers and accountants agree this makes more financial sense.


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I think they'll have what it takes. There are Ukraining pilots who've been training for the f16 for a while, and about 10,000 Ukrainians are graduating from training as fresh troops in the UK fully equipped each month, and thats just the U.K. and not any other countries.

Ukraine is in a position where the numver of trained troops they're gaining is fsr exceeding their losses, and Russia is losing hundreds a day, every day, and is increasingly poorly armed.

We're in a position where as time goes on Ukraine is becoming increasingly more powerful and Russia increasingly weaker. They're also in this position explicitly because Russia broke all of its promises for peace prior to this and no new promises can br trusted.

Fighting Russia in Crimea would be hard, bloody, and costly, but Russia has essentially forced a situation where Ukraine has no real other option, and is also being armed well enough and fast enough that this time next year they'll have an army capable of actually doing it.


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Deadpool makes several jokes about Green Lantern being an awful movie and the suit sucking. The post credit scene for Deadpool 2 is literally deadpool going back in time to shoot Ryan Reynolds before he can accept tbe role.

Green Lantern has kind of become the ur example of a comic book movie that just didn't work, surpassing Daredevil or the Punisher movie in this regard.


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Thats why it never became a CW show. Hal Jordan basically completes DC's secondary trinity with Flash and Green Arrow and they teased several appearances for him that never materialized. Diggle getting rewritten to be John Stewart also kinda fizzled out because there was no way to make it work on that budget consistently.