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You're comparing magic (belief) and science (fact). If you believe in magic, you can make up anything you like, whether or not it's even internally consistent.

I think many scientists are also religious. But they know the difference between reality and a belief system.


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Drop's business model is weird, to put it mildly. I ordered a keyboard from them, back in November. Nothing fancy, a Keebmonkey 1800. Estimated ship date: January 10, 2023.

Jan 10 came and went. In February, I reached out, asked for an update. No update. Asked to cancel my order. Nope, can't do it, the keyboard is being shipped. Okay. When, exactly? Couldn't tell me. The very next day, they sent an update - orders are delayed, could be as much as 30 days. 30 more days.

Today, I finally get my ship notification. 84 days from date of order. For a inexpensive barebones keyboard that (now that I look) appears to be in stock at several retail sites. 84 days from the day I paid Drop for this keyboard.

Lesson learned. Not planning to shop Drop again anytime soon, if ever.


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Sounds intriguing! I do like tactile switches, although I prefer them dampened, or on the quiet side. Have to get some and give them a try!

I've been looking at a dedicated numpad/knob macropad, but I'd mostly use that for number entry, so clicky wouldn't be bad.

Thanks for the idea!


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IEMs are really a personal fit item! I've had good luck with some cheap IEMs with a long name:

MEElectronics Sport-Fi M6 Noise-Isolating In-Ear Headphones with Memory Wire (Clear)

They are super cheap, and surprisingly good sound, but their key characteristic is they also stick in my ears very well when I run or walk. Might be worth a try, not much risk if they don't work for you.


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There must have been more to the story. A (series?) of almost-Ivy League college students are convinced by this rat turd to pay him reparations? For ostensibly poisoning him?

Uh... no. All it would take is one of these women to call the family lawyer, or have her mom call them, and this would all be over.

And to have this scheme continue once he'd moved to NYC? I can only guess that his law enforcement connections were somehow involved, to keep these women in line.

Just sounds way too hinky.


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Horrific crimes, to be sure, it sounds he deserves every year of that, and more.

One thing I didn't see any note of in the article was the college's role in keeping students safe. Tuition and fees for one year at Sarah Lawrence is over $80,000. The guy was running a prostitution ring out of a dorm. No culpability at all?


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Personally, I'm not a fan of brown switches, no matter the manufacturer. I'd suggest looking into Gazzew U4 Boba, or KTT Sea Salt Lemon. There are tons of options out there, I tend to build boards with a mix; tactile on the modifiers, linear on the main alphabet, and clicky on the numpad.

Nice looking boards, though, I love those keycaps!


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Astro Colony uses the same engine as 7 Days to Die, but it's quite a bit less grindy. You can build quite complex bases/resource chains. Your base is your ship, so you explore using the entire structure, or spin off a smaller ship/base.

Subnautica is fun, but more focused on exploration than base building. I quite like Satisfactory, but it's not really base-centric as much as resource/manufacturing centric.


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The Capital Grille is an outstanding steakhouse walking distance (9 minutes) from Tyson's Corner mall, and Metro - Silver Line.

Address: 1861 International Dr, Tysons Corner, VA 22102

If you prefer something more old school, in DC, then I'd suggest Old Ebbitt Grill, which has steak and seafood, and is almost right across from the White House.

Address: 675 15th St NW, Washington DC, DC 20005


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And for MD drivers? Did you know it is actually possible to get from Point A to Point Z without mashing your gas pedal right to the floor the whole way?

No, really. I'm serious. Give it a try next time.



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I have that layer mapped, but it's not like the symbols light up, so I have to remember that A = 1, S = 2, D = 3, etc.

Not a big deal, it's just my first 40% board. I was aware of the tradeoffs going in, but retraining my typing to hit a two or three-key combo for each symbol or character is not a smooth process.