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>There is no reason for them to be trying to double in four years! Especially not in the midst of a global upheaval.
>they knew that many of those people were likely going to be out of a job within months.

that's a lot of assumptions based on nothing but opinions, unless you're saying that you've got a clear idea of what the people that were hired were doing in the company.

I get it, layoffs bad - and yet, more people (not less) do have jobs thanks for those hiring sprees.

I see it as a net positive, you do you.


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>The main thing I take away is that company-wide layoffs don't seem to be motivated by necessity.

-21% Net profit yoy.

Also, Alphabet's number of employees through the years:

2021 was 156,500, a 15.67% increase from 2020

2020 was 135,301, a 13.79% increase from 2019

2019 was 118,899, a 20.38% increase from 2018

2018 was 98,771, a 23.29% increase from 2017

don't get me wrong, layoffs suck, but even after cutting 12k people they're still way above last year's initial headcount.


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you're just spouting the very same stereotypes that you're attributing to society as a whole: the difference in sport participation by gender is much lower than your comment would imply, and does not justify the lack of participation in sports entertainment at all:


try again, maybe without parroting someone else's words this time.


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ok, I'll bite.

why aren't non white audiences supporting non white authors writing non white stories? In other words, why are people waiting for hands me down (like Disney is doing these days) instead of creating their own stories?

why are we expecting authors to create art catering to everyone?

On the same page, why is the WNBA waiting for men to watch the WNBA while women do not do that in the first place?