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Wasn't the last really huge one back in like 1700? That's a long time for the pressure to build up. I think that researchers figured out that there had been a monster quake in the Cascadian zone because of old writing from Japan describing a tsunami of mysterious origin. It turned out to have traveled all the way across the Pacific after a quake in the Pacific Northwest region.


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Even the 'heartland' of the US is not immune to quakes. Here in St. Louis and also in our neighbor to the south, Memphis, we wonder what will happen if the New Madrid Seismic Zone reawakens and there's a rerun of what happened in the winter of 1811/1812. Not just one but three massive earthquakes shook our then sparsely populated region at the time. One of the quakes was estimated by scientists to have perhaps been as powerful as an '8' with the other two easily equaling the ones that just devastated parts of Turkey and Syria.


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Well, if they're born-again Christian types, Deanna may stay with him because of the whole religious 'marriage, even a bad one, is until death do you part' mindset. Not saying that's the reason, just one possible one along with the financial security aspect. Their daughters are both grown, so the whole 'staying together for the sake of the children' excuse wouldn't seem to factor in any more.


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Bad advice from whomever it is. Favre is shortly going to learn about something known as the 'Streisand Effect'. He's gonna rue the day he decided to pursue this. The attorneys repping the people he's sueing might uncover all kinds of dirty laundry and shake loose a lot of ugly skeletons in Brett's closet.


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150,000+?! Doing the math -- if most of those people are dead, the final death toll from this disaster will end up anywhere between 175,000 and 200,000. And that's not counting the secondary deaths that might take place if contagious diseases like cholera take hold.


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Sounds like a good idea for some kind of horror film. We were up in Mackinaw City, Michigan last summer and rode a boat over to Mackinac Island and drove over that huge bridge to take a side trip to the Upper Peninsula. Bull sharks mutated to be able to survive in colder waters escape from a lake-side aquarium and wreak all kinds of havoc.


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This incident reminded me of a space tragedy back in 1971 when a Soyuz capsule returning from a mission to a Soviet space station orbiting the earth developed an oxygen leak during re-entry and all three cosmonauts aboard died. The irony was that, unlike the violent destruction of the space shuttle Columbia, the capsule remained intact and there's some film footage of the capsule recovery crew trying to resuscitate the men to no avail.