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> 51% of U.S. employees making at least a $100,000 per year reported living paycheck-to-paycheck in December 2022 

This stat might mean something if it didn't realistically include people who say things like "y'know, after paying my bills, maxing out my 401k, backdooring my Roth, investing in my kid's 529, the stock market in general, and then paying the mortgage and car payments... there really isn't much left." Most poor people wouldn't consider the kind of "paycheck to paycheck" that a higher income person describes as anything resembling that.


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Yeah, there's just something about annual rituals that I appreciate more as I've grown older. I get why people don't want to go there during all of this, period, but I see it as an opportunity for a beautiful 9 mile run where I'm giving myself permission to stop, enjoy, and take pictures instead of focusing on pushing through and trying to hit a PR.


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Yeah, that looks right up there with Geostorm, where a scene is explicitly said to be in Dupont Circle, then shows a shot of the characters positioned on Pennsylvania Avenue facing the Capitol. If studios want a DC location, they also want some sort of shot of something on the Mall too, geography be damned.


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Do you know these people? Have you been crying at your desk all morning over the news that 10 more people died YTD compared to last year? Are you in the process of sending flowers to their grieving families?

Or are you just using them as an emotional cudgel to engage in some horseshit pearl-clutching? Because newsflash: understanding how stats works and giving a less emotionally charged example doesn't make me "fucked in the head," but you screeching about a number that lacks context sure as shit just might.


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It's ridiculously sensationalized to report it as such when we're talking about going from 25 murders to 35. That's like at the beginning of the baseball season, some players will have 1.000 and look like gods amongst men or .000 batting averages and look like AAA rejects. The stats aren't wrong, they're just lacking meaningful context.