Nostonica t1_ja5tct7 wrote

Hardware support is Stella, better than windows if the manufacturer goes bust and you upgrade to a new version of windows.

More importantly if you use a arm based CPU chances are your peripherals will just work as if you're on a Intel/AMD CPU.

It does help that manufacturers just re-use the same components and add branding, so a single driver will unlock multiple bits of hardware.

The drama occurs when someone creates something custom and niche. Chances are if that niche item is for server use it will get Linux support from the get go, if it's a custom 5$ RGB fan pack and controller from a random listing somewhere, then you may be stuck with windows. Oh and 56k dial up modems still cause issues.


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Stalin - Won WW2, popular support and a good grasp on the apparatus of the state, not going anywhere.
Mao - More likely to get a bunch of red book wielding people causing a issue if you did this, Also founder points and a desire to project party unity.
Pinochet - I'm sure the US/UK would have issues with his removal, maybe intervene.
Leopold II - Belgium eventually couldn't take the excesses of the Congo and took it off him.