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Depends a bit on things not mentioned.

If earth was floating alone in the universe, it would spread out evenly and freeze to ice.

If earth was rotating, it would cause more water to be around equator (this is the case today).

If earth was orbiting the sun and had a moon, the gravity from these two bodies would also affect the water (tides).


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It would just mean that the chemistry that is needed to make life is found a lot of places. Aka, bacteria is abundant around in the universe.

Multi-cellular organisms are a fluke.

Humans are a super-fluke on top of a fluke.

So no, don't count on meeting extraterrestial humans speaking English anytime soon.


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It is assumed that:

  1. It is possible to travel for thousands of years in space, which might be impossible, even for machines.

  2. It is assumed there is anyone even wants to do it, when there might be no point in doing it.

But I personally think the great filter and rare earth hypothesis are enough. Us being alone in the Milky Way is absolutely possible. Us being alone in the universe is possible, but irrelevant, we will never be able to do any meaningful interaction with any extra-galactic civilizations.


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You must be confusing science fiction with reality.
There is no FTL device, even theoretically conceived, that does not require magic.

We knew flight was possible, because birds fly.

FTL has never been shown to exist in nature, and our best scientific theories also prohibit them (unless you add magic).


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A normal fire cannot burn in space - correct.

Can things still explode in space, with a fireball - yes. If some oxidation agent (like oxygen) is present in the gas mix.

Would it look like it does in the movies - probably not.


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Easy. There was no Big Bang.

(Because the theory is not compatible with actual observations.)

Now comes the hard part, if there was no Big Bang, then the observations that lead to the creation of the Big Bang hypothesis are interpreted wrongly. And that opens up for a lot of things to be changed.


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>ng theory and the cosmological principles of the universe being roughly homogeneous and isotopic says that there no center of the universe.
>We are the center of our observable universe but there is no center of the entire universe at all.

If everywhere is a center, and nowhere is the center = the same statement.

Also the concept of an unobservable universe = pure speculation by definition.


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You mean grainy videos of strange things in a world were video editing can be done by three year olds.

Yeah, I mean actual physical evidence, like a spaceship that you can touch, or aliens you can talk with or at least dissect.

But sure if grainy videos of black spots is enough evidence for you, good for you.


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I think you need to learn more about what we do know about the universe, physics and chemistry, and what we don't know (which is a lot).

Not knowing or understanding things can easily lead to fear.

And stay away from drugs.