NotNowDamo t1_jebeedi wrote

Only 20%?

Even with all discounts I could manage, Geico went up 50% last billing cycle.

That was after 3 straight years of 10% increases.

At the same time, my credit was getting better, and I have not had an auto accident in 20 years with no tickets for at least 5 (probably longer).

All State saved me literally 500$ over 6 months after switching. Since then I added a seconded financed vehicle, and it is still cheaper then when I was with Geico (actually paying for 2 vehicles is the same price as Geico for one BEFORE the latest price increase).

I realize that isn't true for everyone, but given that I am a safe, loyal driver, I asked customer service at Geico why the increase? The response: inflation has caused hospitals to charge more. Which to me makes no sense, I didn't change the amount they were covering me for. I was still going to get a max of 25k$ for a hospital stay, so who cares what the hospital charges?


NotNowDamo t1_jdqf9e4 wrote

>Vegans wear woolen jackets, some eat eggs.

This would make them non Vegans.

I agree. The guy shouldn't have thought bringing domestic animals to a vegan event was a good idea.

Unfortunately, I eat WFPB, so these events appeal to me. But, I try not to be involved in the vegan philosophy. Now, if I were to attend (which I won't be for distance and other reasons), I would feel I would be showing the extremists that I agree with them.


NotNowDamo t1_jcteem3 wrote

This is only news I am hearing about because I live in PA. While I am a sports fan, I don't have cable and live outside of the Philly area.

Is this being mentioned on sports radio, Philly Sports Network (or whatever Comcast calls it now) or ESPN?

Not sure how newsworthy a GM of a hockey team is, but when Andy Reid's kid was arrested for DUI (I think, it's been awhile) I heard about that nonstop, in places nonsports related.


NotNowDamo t1_j8zbrvk wrote

Milton. Former home of Chef-Boy-Ardee. Cute little town. Nothing special. Just feels nice.

Huntingdon, small town with college.

Elizabethtown, bigger small town with college.

Jim Thorpe. Feels a little like New England.

Emporium, another cute little town. Nothing going on, but close to the elk, in beautiful Cameron County.

Kane, another great little town with Nothing going on, except for the PA Wilds. Beautiful, has a small, but great restaurant scene.

Just trying to avoid the obvious: Lancaster, Gettysburg, Wellsboro, Coudersport.