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That's probably busted heat trap. Source: Have had this happen on water heaters on properties I manage. You can get new heat traps at Lowes or home depot. They're basically one way valves, but the gist of it is, they stop your hot water from getting into your cold water inlet

Alternatively, it could be a failed fixture


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That's the Durango and Silverton. They're a slow-moving tourist train, and they often drop off adventurers. The Upper Animas River which she was on the other side of, is fast and lethal. If she had tried to cross it with broken limbs, she would have died.

The danger for her was that someone would have written her off as just someone waving to the train.

Source: I've been on the same train ride. People -do- wave to the train from the side. It's a fun train ride. Highly recommend it. Also, take a 4x4 tour up into the mountains above Silverton while you're at it.