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My wife was essentially ghosted after a second interview. The first was by Zoom. The second was a four hour interview/tour (it was a museum) followed by a question/answer session with current staff.

Until the second interview (the museum was also considering two others), they had been in good communication. Afterwards, radio silence. It was only after badgering them that she found out that she wasn’t being offered (by which point she wouldn’t have taken it if it was being offered).

And a few months later, the job was back on the market for applications. They took none of the final three candidates. And that job wasn’t filled for over a year.


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I moved to the burbs in June after living in DC for over a decade. I don’t think anything has changed much. I’m skeptical of many of the posts about the violent crime wave. Especially since many of them don’t have any flairs indicating their neighborhood/community.


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What do you mean by incomplete? That you stopped after reconsidering or that you messed up? I take it you withdrew yourself from consideration for the withdrawn ones. The ghosted ones are places you’d likely not want to work. So unprofessional. Yeah, it sucks to reject someone, but it’s better than leaving them hanging.


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I can only enjoy audio books after I’ve physically read it. I prefer physical copies to digital, but then again, I’m nearly out of room on my bookshelves.

At the same time, my commute is about an hour. So, I really should get into audiobooks. Generally though I listen to YouTubers or Critical Role.


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Most of those, if not all, are scams. Now, it’s possible to find an apartment that’s $800, but they won’t legally be apartments. I knew of a guy who lived in a partially unfinished basement for that amount. So, luxury apartments are impossible to be true.


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You’re not going to be able to do this easily in DC. You’re going to have to have roommates. And probably in the burbs. Though there are some more or less than legal basement apartments that might be $1000 a month.

As an aside, I lived in an English basement in the District making about $30K from 2011 to 2017. So, it’s possible. But it’s a miserable existence. I had to pinch each and every penny.


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Think I’ve seen it in a few Lutheran churches I’ve attended. Not sure my current Lutheran church does that. It was often to bless whoever was up there. I’m not sure I like it because it never felt natural to me. I guess if the spirit moves someone it’s okay. But I’ve never been comfortable with outward expressions of faith. Faith to me is something that’s private and expressions of it should be service to others.


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I lived in DC for over a decade after similarly graduating from grad school (though it was also in the District) before moving to the burbs during the summer 2022. DC is a great city that I highly recommend living in and of which I also miss living in.

While living in DC, I complained as much as anyone about the Metro and occasionally about the council and crime rate. But that didn’t diminish my love of living in DC (except for having no representation in Congress). So, I’d recommend it in a heartbeat. If it weren’t for the impossibly high house prices, I would have stayed. That said, living fifteen minutes from Baltimore has its perks; though it makes my morning commute to DC a pain in the ass. As much as I hated the metro at times, reading on the metro is far superior to being stuck in traffic.

As for this sub, it’s mostly a reflection of the mood. But I’d wager a lot of the crime posts (especially those that rip on statehood) are posted by outsiders.


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No. I never thought that when I lived in DC. It’s a luxury to be able to take the metro to the national mall and simply walk around. Or the ability to go to a Smithsonian (postal is my favorite). I used to run to the Washington Monument from NW. And the restaurants that are often just in walking distance…Even now, living in the suburbs, I simply take it for granted the monuments that are so accessible to us.