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Same goes for random candid videos. We used to do that in the 80s but since the internet we’re worried about something being blasted out all over the world. But think about if you croaked tomorrow, how much footage would your family find of you just being yourself and having a good time?


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Not always true though, I know people who are 15+ at the same company and it comes with a lot of perks. Still competitive salary but lots of vacation time, flexibility, connections within the organisation etc


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I was going to ask this but I thought it was a dumb question, but isn’t this bringing in extra energy that would’ve passed by earth otherwise? And what happens to that extra energy, like you said, does it just make the earth hotter? Or does it just radiate back out to space?


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yeah I think we're seeing more and more evidence of this. What I worry is that we'll understand more that animals see us as protectors and then we kill them for food. I once saw a duckling get taken by a hawk and the mum duck came running up to me, squawking in panic, like it was yelling help. Fortunately the hawk dropped it and we grabbed it and took it back to her but I often think about it as it was so intentional, it didn't run towards the hawk nor was panicking and running around aimlessly, it chose to come up to me.