Not_l0st OP t1_j4f2ote wrote

It's an absolute binge read. It's a compelling story with a lot of discoveries and exciting moments. There are many parts of the book that are absurd and can't possibly work, but the entire premise is absurd so I rolled with it and enjoyed the book for what it is. I found myself very attached to both Rocky and Grace as a result. It wasn't life changing, but as an optimist I always enjoy books where people work together to solve existential threats.


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I want a companion book showing how Earth survived. I've got some ideas. Sure, you can use mirrors and green houses and obviously Africa and the middle east will be new power houses... But imagine spin drives mounted in the air, just exhausting heat as they run on miniscule amounts of astrophage.


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If only my book club would read faster 🙎 I do need a new side book. My preferred way of reading is via audio books and often after I finish a good book I'll spend a day or two listening to music instead of 'read'. I need something familiar while I am in the post-book melancholy before I can get to know new characters and stories. I'm definitely going to be the person who listens to certain books over and over again to fill this void.