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More than that. Reiner and Mel brooks watched a movie together every night until Reiner died.

There's a great interview with one of the writers on the Dick Van Dyke Show— of which there were three.

I'll link it if someone promises to watch it. It's fantastic, really some great stories about Reiner in there.

The one that comes to mind is one day a new studio executive came into the office, and he had been making waves firing staff, reworking complete teams— he was productions Voldemort— he came into the studio, put his legs up on the table and said

"Let me tell you what comedy means to me..."

And Reiner sat down next to him and put on an expression of deep listening, understanding, and reverence— this was all an act of course, then he got up, took the loafer off of the Executives foot and threw it out of the window; turned to the man and said— That's what comedy means to me.

That executive never came around ever again.

Absolutely hilarious.

Reiner is my favorite character in the Dick Van Dyke show.

Note: Ignore the intro, and the hosts: