Notsobigdeal t1_j0moj27 wrote

It’s a Dutch oven, not aerospace. I’m done arguing with you. If it is the same product, then it has same machine, same processes, same quality control, same standard work, same specs, same raw materials, same damn product. If it is different it’s because the company allows it. Companies choose everything about their products. I’m not gonna sit here and let a metallurgist tell me about products, that’s stupid. I am a product engineer, you are a metallurgist.


Notsobigdeal t1_j0mkrib wrote

They make it that way because it’s affordable. Not because they suck. People buy shitty steel, because it’s cheap. Not everyone needs world class steel. Price points. It’s not that they can’t, they spec it that way on purpose. You know that! You also know not every product is going to be perfect, maybe china isn’t the industry leader on steel. But the US isn’t the industry leader on enameled cast iron.


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I agree with what you’re saying but you don’t realize you’re agreeing with me. China CAN do it, but often times companies loosen their specs on Chinese goods. That’s not chinas fault, that’s the company. The machines and processes used are often identical. As I’m sure you know, you sound smart.


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Not true, that is a pure lie. Raw materials used to make products is chosen by the company, it’s their specifications. Manufacturers don’t just get to do it their way. They do exactly what they’re told to do. If the metallurgy is poor it is because the company allowed the manufacturer to use it.