Novae224 t1_jaf4zqo wrote

Being racist. complaining about ‘exotic’ names, actually anything that isn’t max or sarah or something. There was this one boy with an eastern longer name that was a bit difficult to pronounce, ofcourse everyone just asked how to pronounce it properly and it was all fine, except this fucking teacher who literally said “i’m just gonna ignore you cause your name is weird, please sit in the back of the classroom from now on” it wasn’t even a joke, the boy was ignored the whole schoolyear. The same teacher was also balancing on the line of making sexist comments about women, multiple times he said that’s it unnecessary that there are girls in the classroom. Constantly comment on outfits saying they were too tight, low-cut, too short, too inviting, but we were in his opinion asking for those comments by wearing those outfits. He did say that if girls wear short skirts during presentations we would get a bonus point. He would occasionally touch the girls slightly inappropriate, like shoulder and then slightly down towards boobs or lower back. He did do it very thought through, doing it in such a way to make underage girls question if they imagined it or if he really just crossed the line. He was an absolute perv and disgusting


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Panic attacks at school are the absolute worst, cause there is nowhere to go, everywhere are people. Especially because i was always hiding my feelings, i was going absolutely insane on the inside while everything looked fine on the outside and everyone was just going on with what they were doing. I had them almost daily and looking back it’s almost like an ongoing panic attack for years