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I don't get why he wanted them to drive fast. I mean they just scrambled to clean the car as much as they could in half an hour or whatever, and he even made a point of telling them it didn't have to perfect. You'd think he'd want to avoid the risk of getting pulled over where their half-assed cleanup job would be a lot more likely to get noticed.


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>the American dollar has no intrinsic value and was really just as bad as the banks he was avoiding

That's the part that I have trouble wrapping my brain around. If something terrible happens and the FDIC is insolvent, or the U.S. defaults on its bonds, or the stock market loses 90% of its value, or whatever explodes with any of the other things that people are recommending, then the paper money under your mattress is going to be utterly worthless too. Hoarding it doesn't avoid the consequences of the types of systemic failures they're worried about.