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It's called "Green Energy" in the West.

Trash incineration keeps the landfills from filling up by placing it in the atmosphere for us all to enjoy!

A little Climate Forcing never killed anyone! It was the Diurnal Temperature Range all-allong!


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These findings demonstrate an urgent need to develop environmental regulation to mitigate damage from this rapidly growing industry.

Rocket emissions of black carbon (BC) produce substantial global mean radiative forcing of 8 mW m−2 after just 3 years of routine space tourism launches. This is a much greater contribution to global radiative forcing (6%) than emissions (0.02%) of all other BC sources, as radiative forcing per unit mass emitted is ∼500 times more than surface and aviation sources. The O3 damage and climate effect we estimate should motivate regulation of an industry poised for rapid growth.


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Space Pollution is a taboo subject.

Aerosols from launches (& fuel dumps), millions of pounds of Styrofoam dust, Space Weather (including hurricanes), Airglow.

There's too much Solar Radiation management happening for them to admit to it all at once.

Edit to add; Thank you for proving my point about it being taboo. Ya'll would rather downvote my comment then respond about how true it is. It's Collapsed too so less people will see it. Wonderful.


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More intense... especially since 2020.

The drop in Aerosols has let more of the Sun's radiation deeper into the atmosphere.

Expect the rivers, lakes and ponds to continue drying up as our aerosol pollution continue to decrease.

Edit; Checking what sub I'm in. We are actually allowed to talk about Science here, right?