Nutatree t1_j92ht6q wrote

Yup. That's how the elite stays elite.

They paint history with a certain brush: create narratives, distractions, rumors, wars, colors, lines; pointing of fingers, "You thought the problem was X, enter scenario Y"

My favorite lately is that of "my body my choice" advocacy from the "right", followed by Court's card flip to return rights to the states. Which then followed "my body my choice" from the left.

(Apologies in advance to sensitive audience) I'm a bot.

And lately what has worked is simply call anyone that disagrees a conspiracy theorist.

And yeah, that person will always be a conspiracy theorist, because conspiracy factists end up dead.

You don't believe me today, and that's ok. Noodle it yourself, or better yet stay ignorant.


Nutatree t1_j91hy28 wrote

Why do you bring an example that's so easy to knock down?

One Google search and boom.. Knoa Pharma to buy Purdue pharma.. (Whenever this happens it is just a PR recycling and a "hard" rebranding or asset distributing; all parties win specially lawyers)

.. Sacklers have never faced criminal charges.. something something public backlash.. (Gimme a break)