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Another man has ALREADY BEEN CONVICTED of the same series of events.

Trump was the unindicted co-conspirator in the trial of the first individual (Mr Cohen) and only avoided prosecution due to the US Justice Department prohibition against indicting a sitting president.

This case is the easiest case to prosecute given all the evidence that is available.


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Tax incentives are a waste of time.

Last time an actual good tax incentive program was established it was erased by the Tax Reform Act of '86 (?). That was a 25% tax CREDIT against income.

Trouble was, mostly historic properties that would have been renovated anyway, got renovated. And projects that were so-so didn't get done.

What's needed is for the Towns to select property that they believe would make good affordable housing sites. Do the planning, approvals, preliminary proposed designs, infrastructure and land acquisition. The Towns could finance these 'mini municipal developments' with loans from a State established loan fund or development bank.

Put the projects out for bid or RFP. Build it, then sell it with or without tax incentives such as reduced property taxes for a few years.

This 'completion backwards' principal takes the risk away from the builder or developer.

Developers shy away from Affordable Housing because of the risk. Time from proposal to completion can be years. Price of materials can vary wildly. Interest rate fluctuations. Scarce capital gets tied up, nothing gets done.

It's not that complex. Sitting around, wringing hands, waiting for the 'private sector' to step up is a fool's bargain.


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I wouldn't lose any sleep over it. The Court isn't out to screw anybody over their ignorance or error. It's mostly the kids who get ahold of the parents' estate and start spending money or grabbing the jewelry they thought they were entitled to.

Surrogates Court (in NY) and Probate Court here are not particularly contentious courtrooms. Everybody understands there is a job to do, and that the estate needs to be divided up fairly.

If you submit a bill to the estate for the damages and the costs you have incurred, I'm sure the judge will recognize that and compensate you appropriately.

There are also statutory commissions ($) for the executor but I'm not sure how much that is here in VT.

It's not the most pleasant experience but it is something many of us have to go through.

700-00302.pdf (

Good Luck.


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I am very sorry for your late friend and for you having to go through this. I worked with an estate lawyer and appeared many times in Surrogates Court.

I'm guessing your friend died intestate?

I understand you have filed to become executor, but if you have not been approved yet I would suggest you do not negotiate or spend a single penny on behalf of the estate.

Keep all your receipts and records for anything that has been spent thus far.

Your liability as executor is very limited as long as you follow the rules.

Call the Lawyers Referral Service. Explain to them the estate is very modest, you as executor are also of modest means and ask if there is a service or law firm that will offer consultation or appearance pro bono.


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In any given year there are about 30,000 college students attending classes in VT. 35,000 if you count CCV. But almost all CCV are in-state.

Out of the 30k about 10k are VT residents. That leaves 20,000 college students traveling to VT for college. If ONLY 1% of them stayed, that would be 200 new young people moving to VT annually.

And if 5% stayed, that would be an additional 1,000 college educated young people moving to VT every year.

That is the best opportunity VT has to grow. And what do we do? We charge the highest tuition, have the most expensive housing for students. Hit them with godawful fees and do almost everything possible to drive them out.

I've spoken with countless students, and after four years of being treated like an ATM on two feet, they've had enough. They happily admit they will come back to visit regularly, but they don't want to live here.


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Another missed opportunity to continue post-secondary education in VT.

The VT State Colleges should have taken over this property and combined it with the lame CCV. VSC could have offered 2 and 4 year degrees in addition to non-degree training programs. VT needs post secondary education that is AFFORDABLE.

That makes 4 or 5 VT colleges that have closed in the last few years. Marlboro College, College of St Josephs, Green Mountain College, Southern Vt College, VT College of Fine Arts is now virtual only, no on campus classes, so it might as well be closed.

The VSC or whatever it's being called now has announced it's closing it's library until someone explained to them that colleges usually have libraries.

VT used to be a destination for college students. Unfortunately, the VSC and UVM have received so little support from the VT Legislature they are both some of the most expensive community colleges, state colleges and universities in the country.

These campuses could have been used for learning institutions, business incubators for entrepreneurship, and affordable housing for communities or seniors.

Goddam shame how VT could manage to screw up something so simple.


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You need a new Agent.

The only 'profession' that just requires a GED and a 40-hour course doesn't tend to attract the best and the brightest.

'Common to the area' is the term appraisers use to justify the lack of a closet in a bedroom.


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Reply to comment by TheQueenCars in USPS again by rchhe

Update: Just received an email from the Dale Carnegie Institute. My Diploma from the "How to Win Friends and Influence People" course has officially been revoked.


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Reply to comment by TheQueenCars in USPS again by rchhe

I'm conversant with 'rant posts' and generally they relate to a subject that will benefit all concerned. OP is only concerned w/ him or herself. The very definition of Narcissist.

If your DMV registrations don't arrive in what you believe is an acceptable time frame, you have a RECEIPT from DMV evidencing registration whether you re-register online or in person at DMV. That's sufficient in the event you are questioned by LE. In the future OP can do what the rest of do with DMV. Stick your thumb up your a** and wait!

YES, contacting your Senator is excessive. NO, that's NOT what they are there for, they have far more important things to do. And YES they are aware that the mail is not what it used to be. They don't need to be reminded ad infinitum.

Widow not receiving Social Security Survivors benefits, contact your Senator for constituent service. Veteran experiencing the multiplicity of issues facing veterans, contact your Senator. Mail not being delivered fast enough to suit you...go f*** yourself.

Insofar as Global Entry ID not arriving timely or Tax documents. The simple solution is APPLY EARLIER! That's a YOU problem, not an US problem.

If you wanted tracking for your mail, you reach into your wallet and pull out a couple George Washingtons. It's that SIMPLE and that CHEAP! Going to the local station of USPS FOUR times , taking time off from work, accomplished exactly NOTHING but wasted everyones time!

And to the OP, please accept my sincerest condolences for your inability to be whisked through customs treated like the special person you truly are. I can't imagine the indignation you will experience having to rub elbows with the great unwashed like myself that haven't the foresight to get their Global Entry ID.

I can't imagine the horror you must be experiencing. Right up there with the trauma of having to chose between a Tesla Plaid or a Lucid Air. Shall we holiday in Fiji or St Moritz? The pain of having to choose, making these hard choices is exhausting, almost debilitating.

And, by the way, while we're on the subject of USPS. How much did OP tip the mail carrier this past holiday season? Did you throw that slovenly slob a TEN SPOT that s/he will probably blow on smokes or lottery tickets?

How about the UPS and FedEx guys/gals that slog your cheap trinkets and dog food though the snow, sleet and freezing rain? The crap that you order online and are to goddam lazy to go to your local community retailer and re-invest in the community you live in. You would rather save $.50 and order online and have someone SERVE YOU.

How much did you tip those lousy bastards that serve you? That's what I thought.

There, THAT's a goddam rant!


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Reply to comment by rchhe in USPS again by rchhe

Always happy to help out. People with narcissistic personality disorder who think the world revolves around them deserve to be treated fairly and with kindness to be able to seek the care they need.


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Reply to USPS again by rchhe

Why waste time posting here? Go directly to your personal government valet Sen Peter Welch. Evidently his office has nothing better to do than search for your mail.

Why stop at Welch's office. Call Bernie and Becca's offices. I mean what else have they got to do than important constituent service like investigating your slow mail deliveries?

Why stop at the Vermont delegation. This is clearly a Federal emergency and deserves to be heard at the highest echelons of government. Call in Joe Biden in on this case!