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The 4th season of Barry is in post production! I love it, probably my favorite show on television.

I can never get over the pacing and action sequences, it’s shocking what they manage to successfully fit into 30 minutes. It’s a brilliant show on so many different levels.


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I just watched Puss in Boots: The Last Wish with my kiddos and was totally surprised when it turned out to be a well-made, perfectly paced spaghetti western!

No joke, I give it 4 out of 5 stars. 2nd best film I’ve seen this year


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He is why he didn’t end up in prison or out of office. The reality is he didn’t end up in prison because he groomed an impressionable child so he could have a partner who was easy to control, whose own family would be complicit in it. He didn’t end up in prison because he’s a literal psychopath who psychologically manipulated a vulnerable person. She was a teenager in a relationship with a man forty years older. None of this is her fault, she is not the reason he has never been held accountable for his atrocious behavior, much of it occurring in extremely public ways prior to ever meeting her


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I think it’s selfish to end the life of an animal who isn’t sick or suffering. I believe that when humans made the decision to domesticate dogs, we entered into a cultural pact to care for them, similar to children. Euthanasia is a last resort. I find it sickening how you’re suggesting it as a first resort option for dogs that could have their issues treated with behavioral interventions. When all options have failed, euthanasia is an ethical option.


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If your dog has killed another animal once, it’s a potential danger the rest of it’s life to all living things. Taking precautions to ensure it doesn’t lethally harm another being doesn’t mean it has a low quality life or bites all the time. Their dog is happy, healthy and extremely well trained now. Missing four teeth does not equal miserable to me. In a less responsible owners hands, the dog would of been euthanized and not given a chance to live the life it deserves, just because it was doing what it was breed to do for centuries.


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Feel lucky I don’t have any food to prep. Will eat pie with the fam then head home early for a nap.

I’m mostly excited that the reindeer costume I ordered for my ferret showed up yesterday! Going to spend the day making miniature props and painting a winter scene backdrop. Tomorrow, I’ll take pictures of him for my holiday cards