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'When reprinting our menus this October we debated leaving the tots or removing them, due to product cost volatility. As a joke to ourselves we decided to leave them, but at market price. It has sparked a lot of good conversations between guests and staff, a small teaching moment about food costs and the continued struggles in the supply chain."'


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All of the people downvoting me can meet me at the intersection where Thalheimer's, Price Club, and Best Products used to be, about half a mile as the crow flies from Parker Field, and we can discuss it.


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I've lived here since 1991 and my partner has lived here even longer. I just asked him, "Do you know where the Capital Market across from Helen's is?" and he looked at me like I'd grown a second nose and said, "What? No....."

So uhhh, no. You can tell who's an asshole from your reply, though.


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You didn't know it closed because it's been SO LONG SINCE YOU'VE BEEN THERE.

Dudeguy and I were in there back in 2019-ish wandering around and it was already 2/3 empty, smelling like broken HVAC, mildew, and regret.

And that's why malls are closing.


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Houseplants in 6" plastic terra cotta-colored pots. Ready to be transplanted to an even bigger pot if you're feeling it. No idea what particular variety; years ago one of my kids' friends gave me a little spider plant they were in the process of killing and now I have these beasts which are propagating all over my living room.

All I've done is water them every week or two, give them some Miracle Grow when I remember, and keep them in a window with a western exposure, and they grow and sprout babies like mad.

$15 each, 2/$20. I have eight to sell at the moment; doing so will free up enough space to root MORE babies and I'll have more ready to go in a couple of months. I'll meet you in a public parking lot for the transaction (I'm in the near West End, so be reasonable), and I can take cash or Venmo.