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>How long does FDIC have to pay back money?

>In fact, there is no hard deadline, 99 years or otherwise. Instead, federal law requires the FDIC to make insured funds available to depositors "as soon as possible" after a seizure, and the FDIC typically does so by the next business day.

You've been through this I take it. When I went through a bank closure, it took 5 business days to receive my money. I guess your experience was much better than mine. Yes, in theory, our money is safe, but that's like saying the home we are living in is safe during an inferno if you have fire insurance. It’s not stress-free!


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Sure, everyone loves to rely on believes the Government to/will actually take care of the poor and disefranchised. Isn't that right guys?

OK, so the government decides it will cover the banks, and will pay money out to the poor. How long do you think it will take before you actually get money to pay your bills? When you need to buy baby food/food for your children now, today, waiting two weeks to receive a Government check might not be an option.


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Their advertising claims:

>vitaminwater’s claims at the time that it could reduce the risk of eye disease, promote healthy joints, as well as supporting optimal immune function when, in reality, the huge amount of sugar in the product promotes obesity, diabetes, and other health problems.


>CSPI also objected to the product names such as “defense” and “endurance.”

As for Coca-Cola's response:

>Coca-Cola fought back arguing that no reasonable consumer could be misled into thinking vitaminwater was a healthy beverage but last year a federal judge rejected this defense.