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Near the summit of Mt. Wachusett there’s a vista that opens up and you can see for miles off the side of the mountain where there’s lakes and forest and sometimes little planes cruising along at eye level. And there’s never anyone there.


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I’ve found offer up very unreliable. Nextdoor won’t get you much traffic and the people who do use it, tend to be older. Craigslist is good because it covers a wide area, and a lot of people use it. FB is good because it has such a massive reach to people, local and distant. It really depends on what is being sold, but many things I want to sell I post on CL and FB for best coverage.


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Thankfully that never happened where I worked. It was always a concern for me though because the sink where we made coffee and washed out the carafes had all its grey water pool in a tank and when there was enough of it, it was pumped out of the tank, up to the ceiling level where it traveled through the store, into the back room where it drained out into a big sink. It smelled absolutely putrid. I don’t know how it wasn’t a heath code violation.

Awesome place though. I miss working there sometimes!


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Ahhh. My bad. I thought your 500$ payment was for the bills mentioned by OP not for buying a panel. I totally agree that buying outright is the better option, I just didn’t want to make that investment. With the lease, the solar company maintains them and replaces broken panels, which to me is worth it for the convenience. For most people in most scenarios, I’d advocate ownership. At the very least DONT choose Sunrun as a provider.