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„I wish you weren’t so sad.“ The sentence cut through the silence like a hot knife through butter.

Wait. Did I say that out loud?

Everybody stared at me. First and foremost all the people who stood in the cue before me.

One wish per adult per year. Only granted if never asked before. Those were the rules. So people cued and went one at a time. Some friend of mine had jobbed here as crowdhandlers.

The genie actually never had set this system up, it just kind of happened as the ages went by, and no one had dared or cared to challenge the process. Well, at least until what just happened. Because of me. Oops.

In my Defense: I was not exactly in my best self. Having just turned 18 the night prior had left parts of my brain not quite up to the task.

„That wish has never been asked of me.“ the genie finally declared. With a smile.

Wait what?

My brain could not really comprehend what just happened. Did I just get my wish?! But that means …

„But we get like one wish each year?! No one ever asked you that?! How long have you been this miserable for?“ my hungover, still slightly drunk brain had no mind for the outraged pilgrims around me. This was my birthday, and if genie boy over there and I got along then I would make the most of it.

„I wish everyone who came for years, got multiple chances and never once thought about using a single one for you would lose their future wishes.“ I said with all the Sass I could bring up. Brilliant. Everyone looked at me like I murdered some Kittens.

Idiots. The lot of them. Everyone knows. One try per year. I already had my shot. Even my messed up head could not forget that one. I waved like some royal, turned on my step and left the stage.

Or tried to.

„That wish has never been asked of me before.“

I stopped dead in my tracks.