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Humanity may never become an interstellar species for an entirely different reason. Just as Homo sapiens barely existed 300,000 years ago, it may no longer exist in another 300,000 years by virtue of having evolved into another species, or even several other species. Some may evolve into a species better suited for space habitation: less reliance on skeletal structure, less oxygen needs, extreme longevity, perhaps resistance to the effects of cosmic radiation, things like that. These may reach other stars, and while they would no longer be considered human beings, they would owe their existence to their ancestors, of which you may be one.


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Among billions and billions of planets, surely you can find a pair that are pretty similar to each other. Like rocks: they're all different until you look closely for a comparable pair. It's just a matter of deciding how similar they have to be before you declare them identical, and that's a personal decision.


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Like the Ship of Theseus, you can repair a shed forever: remove the rotten part, put in replacement part. You know it's time to replace it when you see that it needs repair but you're sick of patching it up, or you just want a serious quality improvement and have saved the money you need to get it.


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Citric acid. It's the stuff they sell to clean coffee makers and similar appliances. It is also used in the food industry so you can sometimes (rarely) find the powder/crystals in the seasonings section at Walmart and elsewhere for cheaper than the coffee cleaning stuff. I always get a few pouches whenever I see it because it's not common but very useful for that purpose.

Throw a bucket of water directly in the toilet bowl so it will flush itself out and leave only a shallow water level, so less water in the bowl means more concentrated acid solution. Pour 2-3 table spoons of the stuff and leave it overnight. Next morning, use the toilet brush to finish off the job.


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I'm sure there is also a maximum height so you can fit in. The workable range may have to do with the layout of the instrumentation, but I suspect it's more about the space suits. Those need a large number of life support systems that would each only come in one size, and all of them have to be part of the suit in some workable configuration. Then these suits with a person in them must fit the seats, which must fit the capsule.


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Right. Someone else here mentioned it: locate a power outlet. The electrical box for them are nailed against a stud, which is either on the left or right side of the box, so you only need to try two positions with a nail to find a first stud. Then measure in 16" multiples to locate the rest.


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You cannot assume there is a stud 16" from a corner. If the wall length is not an exact multiple of 16" then necessarily there will be a corner where the stud is at some other distance. But if you take a small nail and try at every inch then you will find a stud somewhere along that length. Then you can measure 16" from that one and expect to find the next one. That is, unless there is a door or a large window along the way, in which case distances may have had to be adjusted there as well.


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Don't trim it, move it out a little bit. If you trim it, you might chip the finish or end up with an uneven edge that will bug you for years. But if you pull out the dishwasher to see how the side panel is attached to the countertop then you may be able to unscrew a couple of brackets, move the top just 1/8" and screw it back. There's a good chance this will be enough and you won't have to also move the bottom. But if you need to, then pull out the quarter rounds, try to gently tap the bottom to move that out as well; it might just move enough to give you the clearance you need.