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People tend to vastly overestimate the file size of simple text-based files. Sure, 5 million files take up a LOT of space if it's all uncompressed photo or video files.

Assuming uncompressed text, using (mostly) exclusively Latin characters, 500k is already ~ 100.000 words.

The Hobbit is less than 100.000 words. The complete Lord of the Rings series, The Hobbit Included, is around 560.000 words.

5 million files is nothing when you're storing plain old text files. Won't even be remotely close to 2TB, which is 2 million Megabytes, or between 3 to 4 million times the total word count of Lord of the Rings.


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And if it isn't clickbait, it's pure pandering to keep the publishers happy (and the review copies coming).

Either you're blindingly positive, or absurdly negative. Commercially, you just won't do well as a reviewer if you're more nuanced in your opinion.

Also, because AAA games cost you anything between 70 to 150 dollars for the full experience, I feel they get judged more harshly, and rightly so. Indies don't get the same level of divisive criticism. Costs don't often reflect quality in the AAA market.