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At no point in my life did the contents of a school library contribute to my ability to read because my school also did not have one. The public library contributed to my continued interest in reading which the school library could also facilitate.

The critical ingredient are parents and/or teachers who value reading as important. Half of Philadelphia's children appear to have neither.


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Are they functionally illiterate because of a lack of libraries in schools? Sure, it's not helping, but it seems unlikely that people who cannot read are going to spend a lot of time in their school's library.

Anyone who graduates and is functionally illiterate has been failed by the school system and their parents. How can a school fail to recognize an obvious lack of education yet repeatedly promote them into the next grade or graduate from high school without being taught one of the most basic skills?


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We could define it that broadly. However, compensation for damages and even criminal charges are what we do for everything. They aren't laws specific to an industry, which is the way we normally think of regulation. If this were ordinary regulation, we'd already be forcing companies/governments to do this. No one will compensate Philadelphians for the cost of their bottled water. No one will face charges. They probably should.


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Deregulation can work IF companies aren't shielded from the costs of their mistakes. Anyone responsible for something like this should be made to bear the full cost of the cleanup and need to purchase bottled water.

Public utilities and private companies granted exemptions are immune to the consequences of their actions. No one should be.


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The fetus has what it needs. It's just that those parts aren't working correctly yet, but they will in the future... like the adults. The fetus gets what it needs through a tube just as some adults are fed from a feeding tube or breathe from a respirator which pumps air into them.

Even a fetus taken out at 24 weeks can survive on life support just like an older adult. Delivery is irrelevant.


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It's interesting that the state (and Federal) laws justify taxing gains at their full value as soon as you realize them under the justification that the government helped create the environment under which you were able to earn it. However, when you lose money, that's entirely due to your own bad decision-making and you either deduct nothing or only a partial value.


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> away from achieving goals

The people allocating the funds need to define what those goals are. They need to be measurable goals and funding must be withdrawn from organizations (government as well as private) that fail to meet those goals... or the goals need to be refined. This is something that the vast majority of government agencies at every level fail to do.

The same should be applied to laws, but I may as well bark at windmills.


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Things we like to do:

  • Ski. Lift tickets and rentals are expensive, but smaller mountains can be done for ~$100/day. Having your own gear is cheaper (and more comfortable) long term. Some places do seasonal rentals with inexpensive options to buy at the end.
  • Find walkable towns. I love drinking hot coffee outside on cold days while wandering in and out when it gets too cold. You don't have to buy anything, but you can find new interests.
  • Hiking. It's warmer than you think.
  • Photography. It doesn't require fancy gear. Use your phone. Get close up, take photos of friends, create weird scenes.
  • Walking on ice. Potentially dangerous if you don't know the lake, but some parks allow/semi-encourage it and ice fishing huts are a good sign.

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Steel and Stone show past sharpening events, but there's nothing on their web site or social media about this being a service they offer regularly. Shoot them an email and see if they'll hold a session.

If they do, please let me know. I've been looking for something locally too.


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The last 3 years concentrated a lot of wealth. Even the small businesses saw very little of the money. A friend of mine applied for small business relief the day it was available, they asked for more information that next day and she replied the same day. That was too late. All of the funds were spent.