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You follow the sources that snopes uses and read up a little. Snopes, like wikipedia, is nothing without their sources. It's not a source of truth, it's a summary.

Also, if you read the article, you'll see that they aren't studying posts where snopes is wrong, they are studying verifiably incorrect stories.


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Reddit is primarily intended to be moderated by upvotes and down votes, which gives power to the users. Some subs are overrun but new ones spring up constantly and there's an interesting lifecycle there.

Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and any site with an algorithm that moderates content seems to think that user interaction is a sign of worth. So any piece of wrong information that attracts a response, negative or positive, gets promoted. I see constant promoted ads of things that are blatantly incorrect or "tips" that just won't work, and they are flooded with comments about how they are bullshit. But that just pushed them further up the rankings.

Reddit isn't perfect, but it's a shit ton better than that.