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It’s capable but I would have major concerns with a paceline of 20-40 people on Beach Drive, it’s too congested with pedestrians who don’t remain in one lane or the other. That happens several days a week at Hains Point and, in its current configuration, can be done without impacting slower cyclists or pedestrians (who shouldn’t be in the street anyway).


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Couple false statements here:

  • MPD recruitment was defunded. They are not funded to hire enough officers to replace retirees and those who leave for other jobs. This was intentional and overt. Charles fucking Allen tweeted about his intention to whittle down the force, public sentiment be damned.

  • MPD has been directed to refrain from a wide array of traffic related stops for bullshit reasons you probably think are reasonable. Actual statement from DC government: enforcement against fake temporary plates would negatively impact minorities, and thus shouldn’t be pursued.