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We don’t have militarized police because people own guns. I’m sure it’s a factor, but an interesting correlation I ran into recently was that the more African Americans there are in a community corresponds to an equivalent increase in the deployment of SWAT teams. Unfortunately, the available data only exists for Maryland because they’re the only state that keeps track of SWAT team deployments.



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And I’ll amend my statement to address regulars. Those are individual customers and individual tips that I think any server is justified in worrying about. They come in more often than other customers, and I’ve seen servers literally survive slow periods just because they have faithful regulars, myself included.


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I fucking love my job. Part of the reason I love it is the money is good, but not the whole reason.

The person I replied to made a specific point about money, which is why I addressed it that way.

And I don’t give a shit about individual tips/customers. I operate on more of a month-long scale. If one person wants to be an asshole about their tip, I don’t really give a shit in the grand scheme of things past being momentarily frustrated. Still love the job, though.