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The first trees would grow 100m straight up without branches. The earth was actually covered by fallen trees for millions of years before the bacteria that break them down evolved.


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A big part of it is cumulative insulin response and the glycation of LDL and framing it for heart disease while it's actually repairing the damage from sugar ablating the endothelium.

Fructose has the same impact on the body as alcohol.

It's not simply refined sugars because even ancient Egyptians knew wheat and bread lead to diabetes and obesity.


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"we fixed the problem by causing another problem" is kinda our thing.

Why use sustainable cotton when you can make a synthetic coating to slow down oil based plastics from degrading?

We are not a smart species. This just sounds like the next PFAS in 20 years


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A lot of people in this country take joy in pissing people off. Our media fuels it because it's keeps those in control safe. If the masses hate each other for made up nonsense they're too busy to do anything about the rich destroying everything for their own gain.


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Mushroom tolerance builds and wanes quickly.

Most people will feel something around 1g. 3gs is a solid trip.

Onset can be an hour or so and the effects can last about 6 hours.

Micro dosing is about .1g every 3-4 days. Using even such a small amount daily can still build tolerance that renders them far less effective.

There's growing research into everything from depression and autism and PTSD and more being helped by psilocybin.


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The financial collapse of 2008 was caused by Wall Street. Trillions wiped out and millions of retirements destroyed. No one went to jail and they actually got bonuses and tax payer bailouts.

But if someone gets drunk and fucks up, the bar tender could be personally liable.

I'm so tired of this dystopian shitscape.


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Anxiety makes you second guess yourself, the opposite of flow. Flow is near autonomic responses with minimal thinking.

I've definitely noticed if I'm playing something like that saber focusing more and getting anxious about actually impairs it. Conversely, zoning out and just reacting improves performance. I'll get going so well I'll want to check my score and the moment my brain turns on I miss once, panic, and miss a bunch.

When I get anxious, the blocks seem faster. In states of flow they actually seem slower and my responses faster because I'm not thinking about them... It's a lot like ultra instinct if you're a DBZ nerd.


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I understand sound to be the consecutive vibration of atoms which is why sound cannot traverse a vacuum. For light to traverse space is my understanding that is that photos are some kind of discrete particle with mass and that's why things like solar sails work.

From what you're saying, the interaction of the fields creates photons. Is this energy converting into matter and the genesis of a discrete particle?