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The singularity is a statistical inevitability, one that has likely repeated itself billions of times over across the universe already.

The only improbability is that in the grand scheme of human history we experienced natural childbirth and unassisted cognitive function. But that state of humanity’s existence will seem so distant one day it will be regarded as an ancient myth by many.


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You have a point BUT there’s a progression here.

First they’re going to be crappy emergency-only replacements that break down. And it’ll probably be like that for 10-20 years.

Then they’ll move into the “pretty good option” phase when things go wrong but you can choose between a few treatments. That’s another 10-20.

Then they’ll be in the “unfair advantage” stage where they outperform natural organs and disqualify competitors. 50 years.

And then they’ll be the “most people get them in their late teens or twenties” thing, like braces.


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Thank you for asking this question. People in this subreddit see the Singularity as a method for escaping and abandoning reality. I've literally had people say they'll give up learning how to have relationships with real people in favor of creating AIs that accommodate their shortcomings.

The Singularity is going to bring waves upon waves of infantalized doofuses.


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I 100% disagree about your statement on what most people want. Read the other comments if you want a window into how people tend to enthusiastically and self-righteously throw themselves into mental dysfunction.

I agree that many choose to engage with life and will continue to do so. Not the point of the post.