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Not that these riders would know, but the rules in RI are unclear. They define that something with low pressure tires can be a snowmobile. Atvs have low pressure tires, it’s not even a debate. And there are several state parks where they are allowed. It’s written very unclear….

Section 8.2 definitions:


They go on to list where these recreational vehicles are permitted, but if you went there you’d have a problem because not even the DEM know how they’re own rules are written.

Areas where you “can” ride:



Now if you show up to these places, they’ll all say “no motorized vehicles”. The dem also expects you to register said vehicles even though you can’t ride it anywhere in public.

Under now circumstances can you free ride on the road like this, it’s reckless. You can make a parallel crossing safety, but that’s it.


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Nope, totally didn’t delete it. Prob banned. You’re missing my whole point. It’s a word. Why is ok for some to use and not others? I never said it was ok to use, just trying to figure out the hypocrisy. They want to punish some kid for using the same word that the so called victim (I’m sure) uses too. In fact I’m context, if the perpetrator skin was black, no one would have batted an eye. The kid wasn’t racist, he was using the same ghetto talk they all do. You really think his intent was racism?

And I’m not political, but let’s call it like it is. I would bet my life everyone on this thread identifies as dem or liberal. With no ideas on what those actually mean. You seem too but most others, no.


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Oh so sanctimonious. “Heat” lmao. You’re all virtue signaling liberal dems living in rural VT. You know nothing of the thing you speak about. All you know if how to insult and name call. What a foul mouth, very typical lib behavior.

The value of triggering all you dotards is worth so much more then your fake reddit points. Get a life