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As a son of dad who fought nazis in ww2 and was in liberation of Dachau , and through postings of his unit have seen what soldiers posted , disgusted any American can believe and follow such filth. The inhumanity of the Nazis which caused 70 million to die should disgust any righteous person. All Americans should come out like the Danes did in ww2 and say today we are all Jewish, and will not tolerate nor accept such behavior.


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Were you better off with MAGA or now? If you believe propaganda they influenced you to hate ..rationalize was there a war in Ukraine ? Threatening to expand to ww3? No.. was economy booming ? Yes ...were minorities doing better ? Yes ..was there reform of jail terms ? Yes..were vaccine done quickly? Yes ..was production of oil at a all time high and prices low? Yes..was our strategic oil reserves full? Yes ...are those reserves now only 50% full. ? Yes ..were they depleted to lower prices for politics . ? Yes ..is that dangerous considering China and Russia ? Yes..was your 401k worth more. ? Yes. Should I go on. And on...