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Trump inherited a robust growing economy and managed to destroy it along with nearly every agency. He replaced professionals and experts with realtors and dog groomers, installed toadies or donors and let his incompetent children run major offices. His lack of interest in reading or even caring to listen was well documented by former staff.

What is surprising is how few of these metrics were negatively impacted by his decimation of the executive branch.


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It is extremely expensive to redesign an industrial scale process like steel making which consumes acres, possibly hundreds of acres of plant space, has logistics like rail access or shipping, mountains of coal ready to be consumed as fuel or massive pipelines of natural gas.

Gotta start somewhere.


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Never heard someone call a GW wind turbine a windmill except for former president the white scrotus. In any case, as with all other arguments around gas heat, gas stoves, etc, we need to leverage economies of scale to produce clean power and distribute it where needed for all kinds of uses. Thankfully it can be transmitted over wires, generated locally, accommodate virtual power plants, will benefit from nuclear fission or fusion (when or if that comes about) or hydro power or geothermal applications.