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Colorado is still pretty good! We are finding homes in Colorado Springs in our former neighborhood for 430k 2700 sq ft nice quiet neighborhood.

Looked at 3 BR apartments as well and see places for over $1000 less that what we pay. In fact we found a 3300 ft house for 2500. 5 BR as well so Colorado is where we will go with in the year.


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It is a quandary! We moved from Colorado with a good pay increase for both my wife and I only to see that disappear because rent is twice what we paid in Colorado, utilities cost more as well. Looked into buying a house but prices for a nice property are through the roof. We have seen prices come down a bit but interest rates make it impossible.

Colorado will be back in our future!


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So we go to the Cape often during the winter. We like the National Seashore for sure - Sandwich has some really cool long stretches Sandy Neck comes to mind. But there is an area called Blue Hills west of Quincy that has tons of cool hiking potential - we hike the all the time. It is not the Cape though but good. We have done winter hikes but not the mountains up high but in the valleys like Greeley Pond Trail but used snow shoes. It gets trekked out so it generally is not necessary. There are other trails like it that might fit the bill in the White Mountains. Do not think that White Mounts means climbing a mountain. South of the White Mountains there are places like Mount Kearsage or Mount Cardigan that are cool as well and not so crazy


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Love quarry hills area! We have hiked all over that area. Skyline trail has great vies of Boston as well as Granite Links, We never realized how many views of Boston there were along the south shores. The Blue Hills are offers many cool areas that we love.


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We will drive to the Bershires and we have driven to Maine. We used to live in NH so have done a lot of hiking up there. Mystic was part of a coastal tour that we did. We will day trip up to three ours out if we think it is worth the trip. We plan on doing Mount Greylocke have been to Bash Bish. Quabbin is on our radar. I was just trying of find some quick hits in Eastern MA


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Considering most of our electricity is generated from natural gas and the current pipeline is maxed out the lack of being able to add natural gas is a limitation that has huge negative impacts with demand increasing especially with EV. Utilities across the region have been going over scenarios for limiting demand to accommodate existing infrastructure. If the was a secondary pipeline it would not be an issue. For more information check out iso-me.com you will see what our electric profile is.