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I mean, kind of? You are comparing apples to ornges. The Greenbook came in a town where black people could easily die just trying to cross a single state. While yes, I am sure there are places where Jewish people may be in danger, it's not like it's a large amount. And there aren't places where people can easily disappear people anymore.


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I mean, maybe for trans bathrooms. But other than that not really. I unfortunately had to move to where I am and it was hard-core Klan country for a long time. About as unacepting as you can get in the north. Even here the worst a gay person would get is a talking to about Jesus from some old ladies. Black and brown people would get a lot if stares, but that's about it.

You have to remember these books were to prevent assault and murder. Not to help you avoid being called racial slurs at a small town diner.


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But it is infact incorrect. Welcome implies that people would be polite and friendly. I haven't read any if the Jewish version but at least with the green book it was often that they would say basically " these people will allow you to shop there but they won't be nice.

It more was a guide not to get lynched. Not a guide to get great service.


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I used to love walking. Me and my friends would walk to the nearest mall a few times a month. One way it was about 13 miles or about 19,000 steps. Then I worked at Target and had to about 25,000-40,000 steps a shift. One shift I worked nearly 23 hours and walked 82,000 steps. Now I kinda hate walking sadly.


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Well that was a dumb premise anyways. Don't get me wrong, I absolutely love those movies but no one can come out if freshman bio thinking we make sense as an energy source


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"Tell me you live in a super urban area without telling me you live in a super urban area."

The issue is trains only work in dense areas. Even in a city like Indianapolis it wouldn't work very well. Downtown Indianapolis only takes about 10 minutes. The places that the busses go can be 10 miles apart. They have dozens of lines and each has dozens of stops. Even with this there are still tons of complaints that it doesn't cover enough. Making a train system for public transport here is just not possible.

I 100% agree we should use trains in cities that it will work. The issue is it won't work in thousands of others.


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You are forgetting the scale we are talking about. Invasive species often don't do well in environments. When they do the area is usually very similar to their home. Meanwhile that ice has been frozen for millions of years. There were very few mammals when that was warm. While I won't say it's impossible for them to effect modern creatures, it makes sense that it won't be as easy as an animal moving to another part of the world better suited for them.