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If you like the cozy indoor life, get to your local library, volunteer, get to know the librarians. They know who likes to stay in to read, and might even know who might be single. And even if they don't, libraries are excellent places to be, and many could use a helping hand. Maybe start a book club or movie night for mud season, when even the most avid hikers tend to take a break.


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I would think a good real estate buyer’s agent would be helpful here, in looking for towns that would allow this, and then looking for land in those places. Also, as others have mentioned, some of what you can do cam be done with a land trust.


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The Brattle is running a Marx Brothers movie fest on 1/1, and their popcorn is good.

The Brattle and the Coolidge Corner Movie house have interesting offerings throughout the year. If you like movies, it worth keeping an eye on the schedules. Both have food options in a range of price points nearby. (also Harvard Film archive is worth considering)



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You may want to check out which T tracking apps are reliable, because I suspect you may want to use the 86 bus as well as the green line, but life in Brighton without a car is feasible, especially if you are looking at meeting people in Cambridge or the Back Bay. Parking can be challenging in Brighton, its so much worse in those other locations.


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When I was a kid (1970s80s) we used kerosene lanterns for light during outages, we even had a ships lantern, that we could hang to make sure we had light in the evenings. You cant read by one of those, but you can make dinner and play board games. (we already had a wood stove and a hand pump so lights were the biggest change).


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A lot depends on where you need to go. It's relatively easy to get to downtown from most places, but it can take an absurd amount of time to get say, from some parts of the North Shore to Cambridge, because you have to go in through the city center and back "out" again, there are few direct routes unless you drive, and taking multiple buses is not just slow, but playing with fate.