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And this accident was very likely caused by a combination of War Frenzy driving us to move at a dangerous pace, and unwillingness to provide skilled Technical Training to classes of people we did not want to see increase their economic Mobility, and the unqualified supervision by untrained supervising officers.

That's all well and good if we're just saying s*** happens in war and we put people in positions that no one was ready for, but if we had been less racist at this Naval Base we could have avoided this. There were plenty of warnings and plenty of formal objections to wait till the way this plant was run. US Coast Guard refused to do on-site inspections, trade unions plumbers and pipefitters refused to come out and work on the base because of the way it was being run. And this explosion really hurt us and our invasion of Saipan and the northward march to Japanese home islands. White supremacy is a technology of power that sometimes acts like a traumatic brain injury and leaves people hurting themselves just to maintain their white privilege. Like literally folks were coming to kill us and he's white officers wanted to reinforce racial superiority rather than defeat The Barbarians at the gate. Seeing yourself as white is a toxic thing to believe in.... because there's no such thing as white people.


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Yeah I think I understand it really clear because I spoke with some of these men and all of their families over the course of 7 years and they just couldn't believe that white people would pretend to fight white supremacist Nazis and Shinto fascist Japanese Army and still make a black man walk through a separate gate into the Navy Yard while he was helping us fight the Nazis , they couldn't believe that we would be more committed to racism than winning and choose to give a black man unreliable equipment just to let him know they didn't see him as a man.


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And then after being labeled the most dangerous men in the Navy they were quietly reentered into service without comment for us to complete their tour of Duty and then dishonorably discharged. President Clinton offered clemency the remaining survivors they told him to eat s*** they wanted exoneration or nothing else. Barack Obama tried to trigger exoneration but only the secretary of the Navy can do it. And rumor has it they are looking at it as we speak.