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This is what people don't understand about pit bulls.

If you're their owner, they're sweet and nice to you. But once you have kids, or have them around someone weaker...if you're not around, they may attack. They're emotionally unstable dogs that were bred to fight.

So, yes, they are super nice....but mostly to their owners.

Either way, every dog has to be trained around human children, at the very least not to bully them, push them out of the way, or hump them.

I personally know a child that was attacked by the family pit.

Not a family dog breed.


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They're iconic but too expensive for my taste

I have duck boots from a different brand with nice tread and insoles support but it's obvious I'm not wearing "bean boots". I am okay with this.

I also have really awesome shearling boots for snow storm weather that are not uggs and cheaper.