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Eh fogerty was praised for how authentic he sounded because all he listened to was southern blues. I think you reversed confirmed your suspicions. They aren’t known for being fakes, they are known for successfully playing a mix of southern delta blues and rock and roll, and fogerty’s voice is tailor made for that kind of music.


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That date is wrong. Approximately half of all build dates are incorrect in tax assessors records. You could have easily proven this wrong with a quick look at historic aerial photos.

It is special from both a historical and architectural perspective.

The amount of misinformation and just lack of reading the article here in pathetic.


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In order to get historic tax credits, your property needs to be income producing, so homeowners can’t access that capital. You can thank Ronald Reagan for that change


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I don’t care lmao. I work in environmental compliance and I hate how weak GEPA is, written by developers and engineering firms as a rubber stamp for whatever they want to do as long as they can avoid triggering federal laws. It’s my livelihood. I am pro CEQA and any other state environmental law with actual teeth. Go on now


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Lmao guy sees a chance to bash California at any cost. Saying that environmental laws are just for rich nimbys is classic right wing propaganda. They would like to remove section 106, NEPA, and Section 4(f) if they could. They will bash any environmental law claiming it is just for the rich. Such a joke. Spill your propaganda elsewhere please.