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You’re responding to something I didn’t say. I didn’t say anything about fruit variety propagation. Malus sylvestris crosses with M. sieversii, M. coronaria and a bunch of other species just fine, producing fecund offspring.

Whether you get a palatable apple from the cross is an unrelated question.


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Not true. Sometimes the hybrids do just fine, like in the case of tilapia, or apple trees.

It can also be highly sex-dependent. For example, you can cross a domestic cattle bull with a bison cow, and the female offspring will generally be fertile, and the male offspring generally will not be.

However, those hybrid cows can reproduce with male bison, and now almost every bison herd in North America has some fraction of domestic cattle genes in it.

Yak bulls can produce fully fertile offspring of both sexes with Bison cows, but not the other way around.


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That headline is a little vague.

Cats inherit a size-limiting gene from each parent, but the one from the father is ALWAYS shut down. Cats' size is limited by the gene they inherit from their mother. Female tigers have this growth-limiting gene. The issue is that the tiger growth-limiting gene does not send signals that get received in Ligers, so the gene doesn't work.


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In college, I called this the "$10 pizza theory." (Adjust as necessary for inflation.)

You should never pay $10 for a pizza. If you're buying pizza, you either want cheap, greasy crap, or you want something really good. $10 never buys you a pie that's good enough to justify buying something that costs more than a Little Caesar's Hot-N-Ready.


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We do. You got mad about fraud that doesn’t actually exist, and then when you got called on it you said “I’m just talking about fraud in general” instead of owning up to the fact that you didn’t know the law, as if that comment made any sense in the context of the conversation.


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Important caveat--EDLs are acceptable documents for ENTERING the USA. You'd have to check with the Canadian government about whether you can enter Canada on an EDL. A number of private websites say you can, but the official English-language Canadian government website lists it as an option only for Canadian citizens. Oversight? Seems likely, but not guaranteed.


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There's a place in Ecuador called "Country Chicken al Horno" that makes, easily, a top 5 pizza I've ever had. The toppings weren't incredibly exotic, but the sauce had some local spice melange that was out-of-this-world.

Mayonnaise was an option though. They put mayo on EVERYTHING in Ecuador.


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They’re legal tender, which is an important tax workaround. (Tl;dr for tax purposes, they are worth face value, rather than market value; this is not legal advice; consult a certified public accountant or financial attorney.)

There is absolutely no way any of these hit circulation.