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Yeah that’s what we had checked first but they’re all places that are only available for order to store rather than active stock. Luckily with all these responses it sounds like it’s much more available than we thought and we’re headed to get some now!


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What kind of Torchy’s doesn’t open for breakfast 🤔 I guess one that doesn’t know how the market would support it yet so that’s fair but in my opinion the best thing about torchys is that (in Texas) they open early and serve the full menu right off the bat. Hopefully as the locations here get into swing they’ll decide to do the same. My buddy and I were in a crack of dawn gym routine for a while and would always hit torchys between the gym and work and smash lunch tacos


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Yeah my family are all still in Baltimore county. Can’t say I love it there. Wife and I moved to Richmond area from Texas recently so parents are still happy to have us close and to drive a few hours to see us, and I’m not in a rush to go hang out in Baltimore until they get burned out on the drive down 😂


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Thanks! The same to you, and congrats on clearance. I’ve been dealing with dumb cardio stuff since I was 20 and only last year at 35 got cleared to stop taking medicine and just switch to annual checkups. This is the first one since going off everything so hoping everything holds but feeling really nervous about setting it up and finding out


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Thanks! I’ll look him up. I definitely need a listener cause I’m a talker 😂. I know these people know more than I do and I trust their expertise but I do still need to talk it out a little and I’ve had a few doctors in the past who are too abrupt for me (maybe great for someone else, of course)