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Yeah I did a focus group for it in like 2016 or 2017. It was pretty cool. They came to my house and checked out my gaming setup and wanted to check out kind of other stuff that I personally like outside of gaming. Probably trying to understand the demographic and paid me pretty handsomely for the task. Of course they didn't tell me what it was, but they did ask me who I thought would bring this type of console list. Streaming video game tomorrow and I said Netflix or Google.


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Is it streaming the game back and forth constantly using more energy than downloading it once? I mean I'm actually asking. I don't know how those things rate up. It just seems to me that a 1 hour of downloading versus say 20 hours of streaming the game over a server...


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"Then, as ... hobbyist drones and consumer electronics improved, a second style of military drone appeared...And it caught the world’s attention in Ukraine in 2022, when it proved itself capable of holding back one of the most formidable militaries on the planet."

I'm not sure I buy that thesis.

You can't see Ukraine effectively holding back the Russian army and see in depth the mini failings of the Russian army and still claim there one of the most formidable militaries on the planet.

I think you have to realize that they are just not that formidable and so defeating them isn't necessarily the result of some game changer any more than saying the Talibans defeat of Afghani forces with some sort of game changer because rebels defeated the government army.


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I mean most first or second world militaries would just launch an artillery garage. That would come for about the same amount of destructive power. Consider that each missile in an MLRS (large truck sized) destroys a 250 meter square radius. Those were the stats from 20 years ago and that munition has since been replaced several times so you can imagine the destructive capability.