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This is the truth. Your safety is as important (if not more) than an animal. I love animals, but I acknowledge that everyone needs to look after themselves first, including humans. Ironically, the compassion that we show for them is rarely mutual, and when it is, that's pretty special.

OP: If you want to assuage your guilt, I'd recommend volunteering or donating to a local shelter. You could end up helping many more dogs in the long run.

It's reasonable to feel bad about when we hurt a critter, that's what being an empathetic person is all about.


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No shade on your course of action, and I don't know what you had available at the time, but in that situation I'd just dial 911, and start talking to the guys while you had the operator on the phone. Extra points for standing back and taking a few pictures before dialing.

I'm from Canada though, so that might make a difference.


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It's not net zero. It just makes for a catchy title. They're calling it that because they bought a pile of carbon credits. It's not really sustainable if you spend even a moment examining the full process.


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This is actually in pretty poor taste. Don't 'dress up' as a disability, much less an invisible one. It's disrespectful to people who have to live like that, while you can take the costume off at the end of the night. When you do it in plain clothing, that's just lazy.