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If only they would agree with everyone else that corporate profits come before planet death. I mean, kids are horrible little beasts, and your great-grandchildren will taste nummy. They'll be so happy you stood up for faceless corporations over your heroic fellowmen.

But hey, protesting out loud while wearing breasts! Get the scolds bridle! Oh, right, the judge already put that on them.


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Their motivation for stating the true and honest reason for their actions while in court is ALL IMPORTANT - the judge spent quite a while discussing what their motivation in telling the truth could be.

Their motivation for protesting, however, is absolutely never to be spoken out loud, and besides it's completely beside the point! Why would the motivation behind a.crime even matter, duh? Said. The. Judge.


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I've thrown out bad books rather than donate them. Usually they have to be both badly written and unethical, but in the last few years, a new category had shown up, the amateur and completely unedited novel. They're even showing up in the library! Misspellings on every page, an author with no ability or knowledge of language, poorly printed, and a complete lack of editorial handling.


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Screens destroy interest in intensive reading. Cut back in screen time - have evenings where you sit down, have music playing and a window to look out, and open a real book. It will take several weeks, at the least, to learn how to sit still and ficus, but if you keep shutting down screens and opening books, your concentration will increase

Screens are horribly addictive.